In this Lipdub guidebook (85 pages), Bertrand Jacob and his team share their tips and tricks and offer their advice to make your Lipdub a success!

Whether you are the organizer, the cameraman or a participant in the Lipdub, this guidebook was written for you.

Structured around 10 chapters starting from setting your goals to the diffusion of your lip dub, this lip dub guidebook is an ideal and easy to read tool to discover everything the Lipdub can offer you.

Quick overview of this Lipdub guidebook (85 pages):

You will find below all the information covered in this book, chapter by chapter. A book written especially for you!


On some pages, you will discover what the lipdub will bring you and how to use Lipdub to achieve your goals.

Chapter 1: Know the Lipdub

Throughout the history of Lipdub and some prominent examples, this chapter will help you get an idea of what already exists and what mistakes you should avoid that others have already committed.

Chapter 2: Setting objectives

The implementation of a Lipdub requires you to answer some basic questions. In this chapter you will discover the different objectives that can offer a Lipdub and the ideas being considered to accurately determine what your particular goal is.

Chapter 3: Getting Permissions

Stay away from all lawsuits by following a few simple rules. This chapter will help you improve your knowledge about image rights, copyrights and permissions to film buildings and / or works of art.

Chapter 4: Choose the song

This chapter will go through the different points that must be brought to your attention when you make your choice of song: rhythm, words, language, image, target, time and text.

Chapter 5: Building the scenario

At this point, you now have a team and a song. You have still need to learn how to combine the two. Discover how to go from the initial idea to a storyboard.

Chapter 6: The rules and equipment

A Lipdub “worthy of the name” must meet certain technical requirements and use appropriate equipment. Learn about the tips and tricks to make your best Lipdub.

Chapter 7: Rehearsals

From experience, it’s difficult to improvise a Lipdub. In order to make sure that your actors for the day are good, you will need rehearsals and give them good advice.

Chapter 8: Shooting

To start the shooting of your movie, you need to either shoot it with your own means or call a professional in. In all cases, you will have to manage the timing and fittings.

Chapter 9: Installation

A priori editing your Lipdub can be relatively simple, provided you follow the rule of shooting in one shot. However, some constraints may push you to achieve a Lipdub in several cuts/shots. In this case, the assembly is more complex.

Chapter 10: Broadcast

Who will have the chance to see the final outcome of your Lipdub? Participants? Your entourage? The whole world? To do this, we offer you various means of delivery divided into two categories: internal and external.


The Lipdub has evolved since its creation in 2008. Discover what the future holds.

To whom is this guidebook adressed?

Are you the organizer of the next Lipdub of your university, school, association or company?
This guidebook will help you plan your Lipdub with time markers, to verify that you have all the permissions and discussed the technical means that are available to succeed.

Are you a future “lip dub actor” (a future ‘Participant’ in a Lipdub)?
This guidebook provides very practical advice so that your performance does not remain unnoticed and that you control the concept before the big day.

Are you an experienced movie technician and planning a Lipdub?
This Lipdub guidebook will help you better understand the peculiarity of such an event video, things you need to pay attention to and what deserves to be highlighted in this clip.

If Lipdub has already hundreds of followers, and thousands of fans, it’s because it has real assets to convince. Find out now!

About the Authors

Bertrand Jacob: Bertrand knows Lipdub since the beginning. He enrolled as one of the pioneers of ‘team building videos’ in Europe. Since 2008, Bertrand owns the company VIVANOR GROUP, a company that commercializes the Lipdub activities. This guidebook is the fruit of his initiative, his experience and his willingness to share his knowledge of Lipdub with the most number of people.

Nicolas Hallet: Fellow student from the UCL University, Nicolas is the editor-in-chief of the Lipdub Blog and promotes Lipdub at a number of events. Nicolas wrote part of this book and brought us his knowledge in communication to make this book a success.

Alexis de la Croix: Alexis is a marketing and communication man. Convinced since the beginning of the fantastic opportunities a Lipdub offers, Alexis manages the technical aspects of all our creations. He is co-author of this book and is a specialist in all-technical aspects.

Vivanor Group