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Aug 2011

Corporate event : definition

Corporate event : definition

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As a member of a company, you have probably participated in what is called a corporate event, at least have you ever heard. But what is the purpose of this practice?




There is business convention and business convention !

The corporate event can mean two things: first case it is the business convention in the legal sense, also known as collective bargaining. However the second meaning of these words is more friendly, and to its that we will be interested in this article. The business convention or corporate event is a moment shared by all employees (sometimes only a part) during which there will be a series of activities to get everyone together, mostly through team games, parties, or city trips.

But what is the purpose of the convention business?

For a successful project, a company needs social cohesion

Today, formations are more extensive, prompting the majority of students not just the knowledge of all subjects, but specialize in a particular area. This allows large companies to have experts on various subjects of interest, interestingly enough. But then, employees are also much more dependent on each other. Therefore, to complete a project, a company needs social cohesion, so that everyone feels included in this great system. Even for SMEs, where employees know each other well, the corporate event will improve team spirit.

What does the corporate event answer to?

The qualities of each employee will be highlighted

At these events, everyone will get to know each other, and in the activities, the qualities of each employee will be highlighted. In addition to highlighting individual, the employees who work in different sectors of the company, will have the opportunity to meet and sympathize during the activities. Corporate events will strengthen human contacts and to recognize that everyone brings added value to the company, all while passing a good time.


The corporate event is not only a relaxing, because it also puts everyone in front, even if the friendly side of the event is very important. It is a time a little apart, special, which will remain in the memory of employees!

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